Saturday, March 19, 2011

...My BLOG...

Alhamdulillah..siap akhirnya my new blog. Thanks to Asliza from Incredible Design for designing this beautiful blog for me. This blog was designed in order for me to write and to remember  the journey of my passion in baking and cake decorating and at the same time to connect with my new and old friends out there. My wish also that one day this blog + my passion will be one of the reason for me can fulfill my dream in being full time mother and full time baker in this temporary world. 

Pray For My Success & U Too. Ameen..Ameen Ameen..


cza said...

Semoga sentiasa beroleh keberkatan dalam setiap apa yang dilakukan.

mom's cake house said...

Thnx za, semoga kita sama2 beroleh keberkatan dalam setiap apa yang dilakukan. Insyaallah..

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