Wednesday, June 8, 2011

...Variety Types of Continental Cakes...

perrgghh..kek-kek yang sangat sedap, lazat nyummy nyummy
learnt from pn zalina  the famous baker at seremban and well known sifu to all bakers out there at her younger sister place at sg petani.
TQVVM sifus for all the tips that have been given

for tasty cake lover..all these cakes are just for you
tasty and yet elegant 
open for order now and ur order r most welcome:-))

1. red velvet cake
size 8"
2. snowy peach custard cream cake
size 9"
3. russian black and white cake
size 9"
4. italian rainbow cake
size 9"

notes: all the cakes are not selling using per kilo BUT per recipe. TQ

red velvet cake

 snowy peach custard cream cake

 russian black  white cake

italian rainbow cake

...Variety Types of Chezkek...

for CHEEEZEEE lover
yummmyliciousss  nyum nyum nyum....

1. orea/blueberry/strawberry/chocolate bake cheese cake
(tidak termasuk harga untuk strawberry)
size 8"
2. nonbake toffee caramel  walnut cheesecake
size 7"

orea/blueberry/strawberry/chocolate bake cheese cake

nonbake toffee caramel  walnut cheesecake

...Variety Types of CupCaKe...

pelbagai jenis cupcake yang sedap sedia menerima tempahan
RM60.00/16pcs with 2 flavors
 1. apple caramel with caramel sauce
2. pineapple souffle cheese
3. pumpkin cupcake 
4. pistachio cream cupcake
5. green/red velvet cupcake

variety types of cupcakes

 apple caramel with caramel sauce cupcake

 pumpkin cupcake

 green/red velvet cupcake

pistachio cream cupcake

 pinneapple souffle cheese